The Garden of the House of Pindar


Within the wall a redstart crouched.

It cocked its head, it stretched its wing.

This place would do: it settled in

To pass the night alone and cold.


Around the garden torches spat,

At moths unused to earthly moons.

To lunar flames they offered gifts.

The goddess, grateful, took their wings.


The garden bloomed as every year.

Its evening peace and perfumes seeped,

Beyond the walls with sleeping birds,

Across the jumbled piles of rock,


And on it spread above the bones,

And through the wrecks and shells of homes.

14 Comments to “The Garden of the House of Pindar”

  1. what an interesting piece… each line drew me in closer to the event… thanks

  2. a wee historical snippet which might set context: when Alexander the Great’s army destroyed the city of Thebes, killing or enslaving its entire population (in 335BCE), the only buildings they left standing were the Temple and the house of the poet Pindar.

  3. Well-worded piece. I now look forward each week to your focus on craft. The assonant moments were nicely done, worked effectively with the rhythm.

  4. This works so well as an unrhymed sonnet. Your divisions are impeccable, and the couplet is a hell of a punch-line!

  5. You have set a beautiful scene here, with lovely images the really flow from one stanza to the next! And yes, the couplet at the end — as Kerry says, ‘a hell of a punch-line!’

  6. To take refuge in such a garden, I’m with the redstart.

  7. that makes it a tight squeeze what with a redstart, a donkey okie and a cheesewolf in there! Should put out a sign: in times of war admittance for birds, poets and dreamers only.

  8. “…torches spat at moths unused to earthly moons”………brilliant! I love the meter and rhyme in this piece, and the killer punch lines.

  9. Wow – you got style CW!

  10. This poem, its rhythm, its tension and images and especially the bang up ending, made my day. I’ll be back to read more!

  11. I find this slightly haunting and mysterious – very atmospheric.

  12. great images here, well crafted

  13. Beautiful…love the imagery throughout. A gorgeous piece, love it.

  14. Wonderful poem…Each stanza is separate but connected.

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