On Immanence


So who believes the sun and moon

Are spun as light and death combined,

Are melancholic twists of life,

Reflections cast and shadows shone?


And who can feel the planet’s pulse:

A universal burst and void,

A heart which beats as photon’s flow,

A home, a tomb, a silent space?


And who can see the distant spark:

One suffered, born and suffered on,

Through copper sunrise, opal dawn,

The spark which grew from star to speech?


Yet here in grass and flowers uncut,

I see the answer, smell belief.

8 Comments to “On Immanence”

  1. I do like the idea that the sun and moon are spun as light and death combined. You write the universe and make it personal. And I love that the poem ends with belief. A profound write here, Gavin!

  2. a home, a tomb, a silent space…what a pairing in that line….the spark which grew from star to speech, what a cool line as well…i would not mind a sit among those grass and flowers….to find some answers….

  3. Beautiful! I love the tempo, the meter, and the journey that you took me on.


    Mark Butkus

  4. Wonderful words. “Copper sunrise” makes me want to stay to to watch the sun come up tomorrow (but I might regret that) It reminds me of one morning when I was driving to work very very early one day while the sun was rising and I turned on my CD player in my car and screamed out the song “We Are the Champions” on repeat. Best commute ever. It seemed like the whole world was sleeping so I could sing as loud on that long windy road as I wanted without anyone hearing or caring lol.

  5. The assonance and slant lines give this sonnet the feel of free verse; the images transcend the form completely. Elegant verse.

  6. I like the questioning..and then the hope of answers. So many beautiful lines

  7. what a beautiful poem.. the imagery is magnificent.

  8. what wonderfu;l words and imagery, this is really moving, I’m really enjoying reading your work, glad I stopped by

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