The Song of Ondine (The Gift)


She gave her songs to forest lakes,

Where autumn larch in echoes sang.

The golden tremors of the fall

Went rippling through her melodies.


She gave her songs to crumbling walls,

Where hoopoes nest and stonechats chack.

And ancient stonework melts in rain

As surely as the spring brings change.


She gave her song to English parks,

To channelled streams and sculpted weirs,

To jackdaw nests in roofless naves,

And drips from leaves of tulip trees.


She gave her songs to form and shape,

As gifts of love we always take.

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4 Comments to “The Song of Ondine (The Gift)”

  1. That is so lilting and lovely, I read it three times just to enjoy the feel of it flowing through my mind. Wonderful words!

  2. I especially love “she gave her songs to form and shape.” Reminds me of experiments being done with sound and gives me hope that modern science is merging with ancient wisdom and we can make some loving progress in the world.

  3. I love the lilting rhyme of this poem, and the repeated lines “she gave her song to” are so effective. A beauty to read!

  4. This has a wonderful lyrical tone! She gave us much and I love your reminder! Beautiful~

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