On Crete He Dreamt


On Crete he dreamt of Epirus,

Of crossing through the stream of death,

Of drifting through the fields of hell,

Of casting off his monstrous form.


He dreamt one day the sword would thrust,

And free him from his prison walls,

Would let his eyeless soul see light,

Would kiss his throat and end the dark.


He ran his hands along the walls,

And felt the music of the stones.

The songs they sang of other worlds

Beyond this hateful measured place.


On Crete he dreamt of Epirus,

The mountain springs of Acheron.

8 Comments to “On Crete He Dreamt”

  1. This is gorgeous! You’ve told the myth from the Minotaur’s viewpoint and made us empathize with his plight. Just beautiful!

  2. Wow this is so good, love the word choices, my favorite ‘measured place’, really excellent.

  3. Amazing how life is measured…
    This was so well guided with imagery!
    I love the line, “And felt the music of the stones”

  4. I think someone should make a movie of your Minotaur, like the one of Beowulf & Grendel.

  5. I love the “music of the stones”, too. This is very lovely.

  6. Soothing and comfortable, this could play over in my head all night.

  7. :).. it sounds so filled with hope.. so positive..

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